Family still holds out hope for missing woman


FENTON (WJRT) — (02/06/10) — It has been nearly a year since a Fenton woman vanished from her apartment.

Police still don’t have any solid leads, but her family still hopes for her safe return.

Randa Jawhari was last seen a year ago next week in her Fenton apartment on Shiawassee Avenue.

Her family is now desperate for closure.

It’s said losing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare. For Anisse Jawhari, not knowing the whereabouts of her daughter is even worse. “If she is dead, I want to know. If she is alive, I want to know.”

Forty-three-year-old Randa Jawhari disappeared last February. Since then, birthdays and holidays have come and gone, but the Jawhari family remains stranded in time.

‘It’s like the world keeps living, but we have stopped on that day. Until we know what happened to my sister, we can’t go on,” Jawhari’s sister Rocky said.

A sketch of a so-called person of interest was released several months ago, but it hasn’t brought police any new leads.

The family set up a Facebook page in Randa’s honor. On it are messages of hope, prayers of support and pleas for help to find her. “I feel like we can let our emotions out we can talk to her, or talk to whoever knows anything,” said Rocky.

There is a billboard along U.S. 23 and posters still hang on business windows throughout the community that is also looking for answers. “It almost comes up almost every day in conversation. Any news, ya know? Have they heard anything? There are no clues, so that makes it doubly agonizing,” business owner Elizabeth Dickens said.

Brother Sam Jawhari says the family needs to know the fate of their loved one. “You can deal with anything when you know someone passed. You deal with it, but it just eats you alive. Is someone holding her hostage? Is she dead on the side of the road? All these things keep playing in your mind.”

Fenton police ask anyone with information to come forward.

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