This site was created as an online media hub about the disappearance of Randa Jawhari, to have all the latest and relevant information in one central place, and to assist any media personnel interested in covering the story. If you would like to interview the family and/or find out more information about Randa Jawhari, please contact Randa’s sister, Naheda Jawhari at info@findranda.org.

The owner and administrator of FindRanda.org is not connected to the Jawhari family personally but is rather a concerned citizen who donated her time, talents, and web hosting to the cause. Any updates or changes to FindRanda.org are first requested via email by the Jawhari family to the administrator, lest any major new publicity happen, at which it will be updated as soon as possible to keep current.

If you have any information about Randa Jawhari’s disappearance, please call the Fenton Police Department at 810-629-5311, or you may leave an anonymous tip for the Fenton Police online.

Any inquiries about the disappearance of Randa Jawhari and/or interviews with the Jawhari family please email info@findranda.org.

Any technical issues regarding this website should be directed to admin@findranda.org.

Thank you.

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