Randa Jawhari has been missing for three years.


From MLive.com:

FENTON, Michigan — After nearly three years missing, a Fenton woman’s family is still searching for answers.

Randa Jawhari went missing from her apartment in Fenton in February of 2009
. Randa had bouts with depression in the past, but her mother, Anisse Jawhari, told The Flint Journal in 2009 there was nothing to indicate she was upset.

Flint Journal file photoFebruary 11, 2010 marked the one year anniversary of the day that Randa Jawhari went missing from her Fenton apartment. With no new leads Naheda (left) and Rocky Jawhari (right) and their 4 other siblings and parents continue the search for their sister.

In an interview with ABC 12 reporter Angela Brown, Randa’s sister, Naheda Jawhari said she doesn’t see a happy ending in her sister’s story, but she is asking anyone with information to please come forward.

“We just need closure.” Naheda said in the interview with Brown. “I think if we never find out, we are always going to wonder. We just want closure as to what happened to her.”


Click here to watch the video report from ABC12. 


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