February 9, 2011: Police release new photo of missing woman


via ABC 12 news:

FENTON (WJRT) — (02/08/11)–Two years ago this week, a Fenton woman vanished from her home. For the first time, police are releasing a picture from the morning of her disappearance, hoping it may spark a new lead in the case.

The picture is a snapshot from surveillance video outside Randa Jawhari’s apartment complex. Police believe the picture could help solve the mystery of Jawhari’s disappearance.

“The quality is poor, but you can make out the image of the car,” said Fenton Police Department Det. Ron Skarzynski.

It’s a snapshot that could unlock the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Jawhari.

“It isn’t something that I think she walked away of her own free will,” said Fenton Police Chief Richard Aro.

It’s been two years since Jawhari vanished from her Fenton apartment. All of her belongings — including her purse — were left behind.

“You’re stuck in that same day you can’t move past that day,” said sister Rocky Jawhari.

The case is still open.

“I don’t think there is going to be a good outcome to this,” Aro said.

But nearly two years to the date since she was last seen, there is a renewed effort to find her. For the first time, police have released the snapshot from the morning she disappeared.

It shows a car leaving her apartment complex.

“It’s obviously a small, two-toned dark compact car and it did come into the apartment complex,” Skarzynski said. “Maybe it was visiting. Maybe it was dropping something off. We don’t know.”

“Hopefully he will get more clues to what happened that night and that’s what we’re praying for,” Rocky Jawhari said.

“If she is deceased, I want her to rest in peace,” said sister Naheda Jawhari. “If we knew that we could all rest in the closure and move on.”

If you have any information about the car seen in the picture or other information, call Fenton police.

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